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Blood-brain barrier disruption in experimental focal ischemia: comparison between in vivo MRI and immunocytochemistry.Academic Article Why?
Monoclonal antibodies to human endothelin-1: characterization and utilization in radioimmunoassay and immunocytochemistry.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of fixation and penetration enhancement techniques for use in ultrastructural immunocytochemistry.Academic Article Why?
Neurofilament and neural cell adhesion molecule immunocytochemistry of Huntington's disease striatum.Academic Article Why?
A novel quality control slide for quantitative immunohistochemistry testing.Academic Article Why?
Applications of Immunohistochemistry to Endocrine Pathology.Academic Article Why?
Experimental validation of peptide immunohistochemistry controls.Academic Article Why?
Influence of immunohistochemistry on the final diagnosis of breast biopsies.Academic Article Why?
MSH-6: extending the reliability of immunohistochemistry as a screening tool in Muir-Torre syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Standardizing Immunohistochemistry: A New Reference Control for Detecting Staining Problems.Academic Article Why?
c-myc in Kaposi''s sarcoma: analyses by fluorescent in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry.Academic Article Why?
Immunohistochemistry in the diagnosis of cutaneous neoplasms.Academic Article Why?
Levey-Jennings Analysis Uncovers Unsuspected Causes of Immunohistochemistry Stain Variability.Academic Article Why?
Performance of Three-Biomarker Immunohistochemistry for Intrinsic Breast Cancer Subtyping in the AMBER Consortium.Academic Article Why?
Synaptophysin immunohistochemistry densitometry measurement in resected human hippocampus: implication for the etiology of hippocampal sclerosis.Academic Article Why?
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