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Inducible immune regulation following autoimmune disease in the immune-privileged eye.Academic Article Why?
Thrombospondin-1-dependent immune regulation by transforming growth factor-ß2-exposed antigen-presenting cells.Academic Article Why?
Disruption of immune regulation by microbial pathogens and resulting chronic inflammation.Academic Article Why?
Pro-inflammatory Cytokines on Negative Immune regulationGrant Why?
Probing the Role of Inflammatory Cytokines on Negative Immune Regulation in Autoimmune MyocarditisGrant Why?
Immune regulation of the c-myc oncogene in a murine B lymphoma.Academic Article Why?
Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Immune Regulation of Ocular InflammationGrant Why?
Opposing functions of IL-2 and IL-7 in the regulation of immune responses.Academic Article Why?
Zhong, XuemeiPerson Why?
Dooms, HansPerson Why?
Identification of transcriptional regulators in the mouse immune system.Academic Article Why?
Lessons in transcriptional regulation learned from studies on immunoglobulin genes.Academic Article Why?
Role of TAR RNA splicing in translational regulation of simian immunodeficiency virus from rhesus macaques.Academic Article Why?
Humoral immunity and regulation of intrapulmonary growth of Legionella pneumophila in the immunocompetent host.Academic Article Why?
Regulation of the human immune response during tuberculosis.Academic Article Why?
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