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Farrer, LindsayPerson Why?
Correlates of illicit methadone use in New York City: a cross-sectional study.Academic Article Why?
Costs of screening and brief intervention for illicit drug use in primary care settings.Academic Article Why?
Illicit drugs, alcohol, and addiction in human immunodeficiency virus.Academic Article Why?
Interpersonal discrimination and the health of illicit drug users.Academic Article Why?
Maternal periconceptional illicit drug use and the risk of congenital malformations.Academic Article Why?
Nasal septal perforation from illicit drug use.Academic Article Why?
Prevalence and detection of illicit drug disorders among hospitalized patients.Academic Article Why?
Screening and intervention for illicit drug abuse: a national survey of primary care physicians and psychiatrists.Academic Article Why?
Stigma, discrimination and the health of illicit drug users.Academic Article Why?
The clinical content of preconception care: alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug exposures.Academic Article Why?
Samet, JeffreyPerson Why?
Saitz, RichardPerson Why?
Adolescent initiation of licit and illicit substance use: Impact of intrauterine exposures and post-natal exposure to violence.Academic Article Why?
Assessing efficacy of a retention-in-care intervention among HIV patients with depression, anxiety, heavy alcohol consumption and illicit drug use.Academic Article Why?
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