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DNA methylation and histone modification profiles of mouse organic anion transporting polypeptides.Academic Article Why?
Analysis of DNA methylation and histone modification profiles of liver-specific transporters.Academic Article Why?
Post-Translational Modification of Human Histone by Wide Tolerance of Acetylation.Academic Article Why?
Panchenko, MariaPerson Why?
Ryu, HoonPerson Why?
Cui, ShuaiyingPerson Why?
Expanding the landscape of chromatin modification (CM)-related functional domains and genes in human.Academic Article Why?
Liu, PinghuaPerson Why?
Kikuchi, RyotaPerson Why?
Azadzoi, KazemPerson Why?
Emili, AndrewPerson Why?
Lee, JungheePerson Why?
Costello, CatherinePerson Why?
Perissi, ValentinaPerson Why?
Roy, HemantPerson Why?
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