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Heterogeneity of healthy aging: comparing long-lived families across five healthy aging phenotypes of blood pressure, memory, pulmonary function, grip strength, and metabolism.Academic Article Why?
An examination of healthy aging across a conceptual continuum: prevalence estimates, demographic patterns, and validity.Academic Article Why?
Association of vitamin D receptor with longevity and healthy aging.Academic Article Why?
Cerebral blood flow regulation during cognitive tasks: effects of healthy aging.Academic Article Why?
Differing Patterns of Altered Slow-5 Oscillations in Healthy Aging and Ischemic Stroke.Academic Article Why?
Facial Emotion Recognition in Bipolar Disorder and Healthy Aging.Academic Article Why?
Genome-Wide Association Study and Linkage Analysis of the Healthy Aging Index.Academic Article Why?
Healthy aging and preclinical dementia: the United States-Israel Longitudinal Database project.Academic Article Why?
Healthy Aging in Community for Older Lesbians.Academic Article Why?
Heritability of and mortality prediction with a longevity phenotype: the healthy aging index.Academic Article Why?
Lexical retrieval in healthy aging.Academic Article Why?
Lower-extremity function in cognitively healthy aging, mild cognitive impairment, and Alzheimer's disease.Academic Article Why?
Naming errors in healthy aging and dementia of the Alzheimer type.Academic Article Why?
Noun and verb retrieval in healthy aging.Academic Article Why?
Protein and healthy aging.Academic Article Why?
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