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Matsui, ReikoPerson Why?
Bachschmid, MarkusPerson Why?
Glutaredoxin-1 Deficiency Causes Fatty Liver and Dyslipidemia by Inhibiting Sirtuin-1.Academic Article Why?
Glutathionylation of the Active Site Cysteines of Peroxiredoxin 2 and Recycling by Glutaredoxin.Academic Article Why?
Upregulation of Glutaredoxin-1 Activates Microglia and Promotes Neurodegeneration: Implications for Parkinson''s Disease.Academic Article Why?
GlutaredoxinsConcept Why?
IL-33 induction and signaling are controlled by glutaredoxin-1 in mouse macrophages.Academic Article Why?
Role of glutaredoxin-1 in endothelial barrier dysfunction and atherosclerosisAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Attenuated cardiovascular hypertrophy and oxidant generation in response to angiotensin II infusion in glutaredoxin-1 knockout mice.Academic Article Why?
Glutaredoxin-1 up-regulation induces soluble vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 1, attenuating post-ischemia limb revascularization.Academic Article Why?
Glutathione adducts induced by ischemia and deletion of glutaredoxin-1 stabilize HIF-1a and improve limb revascularization.Academic Article Why?
Oxidative disassembly of the [2Fe-2S] cluster of human Grx2 and redox regulation in the mitochondria.Academic Article Why?
Murdoch, ColinPerson Why?
Shao, DiPerson Why?
Han, JingyanPerson Why?
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