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Calcium Upregulation by Percutaneous Administration of Gene Therapy in Cardiac Disease (CUPID): a phase 2 trial of intracoronary gene therapy of sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase in patients with advanced heart failure.Academic Article Why?
A Corticosteroid Gene Therapy Combination Strategy to Maximize Intramuscular-Mediated Delivery in Postischemic Myocardium.Academic Article Why?
A model for predicting the risk of cancer consequent to retroviral gene therapy.Academic Article Why?
Adenovirus-mediated interleukin-12 gene therapy for metastatic colon carcinoma.Academic Article Why?
Angiogenesis and gene therapy in man: dream or reality?Academic Article Why?
Contemporary approaches for nonviral gene therapy.Academic Article Why?
Current status of immunotherapy and gene therapy for high-grade gliomas.Academic Article Why?
Feasibility of biolistic gene therapy in burns.Academic Article Why?
Gene therapy as an adjuvant treatment for malignant gliomas: from bench to bedside.Academic Article Why?
Gene therapy by and for muscle cells.Academic Article Why?
Gene therapy for pancreatic cancer.Academic Article Why?
Gene therapy in type 1 diabetes.Academic Article Why?
Gene therapy with lipopolysaccharide binding protein for gram-negative pneumonia: respiratory physiology.Academic Article Why?
Gene therapy.Academic Article Why?
Hybrid biosynthetic gene therapy vector development and dual engineering capacity.Academic Article Why?
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