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Source location of air pollution and cardiac autonomic function: trajectory cluster analysis for exposure assessment.Academic Article Why?
Magnetic field exposure assessment in a case-control study of childhood leukemia.Academic Article Why?
The Utility of Proximity-Based Herbicide Exposure Assessment in Epidemiologic Studies of Vietnam VeteransAcademic Article Why?
Adoption of Exposure Assessment Tools to Assist in Providing Respiratory Protection Recommendations.Academic Article Why?
Effect of time-activity adjustment on exposure assessment for traffic-related ultrafine particles.Academic Article Why?
Human exposure assessment of indoor dust: Webster and Stapleton respond.Academic Article Why?
Multi-media biomarkers: Integrating information to improve lead exposure assessment.Academic Article Why?
Particulate matter components and Health: a literature review on exposure assessmentAcademic Article Why?
Secondhand smoke exposure assessment and counseling in the Chinese pediatric setting: a qualitative study.Academic Article Why?
Risk of breast cancer following exposure to tetrachloroethylene-contaminated drinking water in Cape Cod, Massachusetts: reanalysis of a case-control study using a modified exposure assessment.Academic Article Why?
Metabolomic assessment of exposure to near-highway ultrafine particles.Academic Article Why?
Alcohol advertising at Boston subway stations: an assessment of exposure by race and socioeconomic status.Academic Article Why?
A retrospective assessment of occupational exposure to elemental carbon in the U.S. trucking industry.Academic Article Why?
Fetal Alcohol Research Caring for Patients with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: A Needs Assessment.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of silica exposure and engineering controls during tuckpointingAcademic Article Why?
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