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Commentary: does the spectre of ecologic bias haunt epidemiology?Academic Article Why?
Bias magnification in ecologic studies: a methodological investigation.Academic Article Why?
Webster, ThomasPerson Why?
International Journal of EpidemiologyAcademic Article Why?
Galea, SandroPerson Why?
Orlando, LauraPerson Why?
Cronin-Golomb, AlicePerson Why?
Sorensen, HenrikPerson Why?
Yazdy, MahsaPerson Why?
Stang, AndreasPerson Why?
Sorenson, MichaelPerson Why?
Boehmer, UlrikePerson Why?
Brooks, DanielPerson Why?
Ozonoff, AlexanderPerson Why?
Kepler, ThomasPerson Why?
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