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Cooperative stabilization of transthyretin by clusterin and diflunisal.Academic Article Why?
Repurposing diflunisal for familial amyloid polyneuropathy: a randomized clinical trial.Academic Article Why?
The Diflunisal Trial: study accrual and drug tolerance.Academic Article Why?
Berk, JohnPerson Why?
The diflunisal trial: update on study drug tolerance and disease progression.Academic Article Why?
BU-Alnylam Diflunisal Research CollaborationGrant Why?
DiflunisalConcept Why?
Effect of Diflunisal on Familial AmyloidosisGrant Why?
Connors, LawreenPerson Why?
The modulation of transthyretin tetramer stability by cysteine 10 adducts and the drug diflunisal. Direct analysis by fluorescence-detected analytical ultracentrifugation.Academic Article Why?
Skinner, MarthaPerson Why?
Klimtchuk, ElenaPerson Why?
Colton, TheodorePerson Why?
Wiesman, JanicePerson Why?
Costello, CatherinePerson Why?
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