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Dengue Virus Seroconversion in Travelers to Dengue-Endemic Areas.Academic Article Why?
An epidemic of dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome in children in Delhi.Academic Article Why?
Acceptability of hypothetical dengue vaccines among travelers.Academic Article Why?
Serotype-specific host responses in rhesus macaques after primary dengue challenge.Academic Article Why?
Prevalence of dengue virus infection in US travelers who have lived in or traveled to dengue-endemic countries.Academic Article Why?
Classic dengue fever affects levels of circulating antioxidants.Academic Article Why?
Endemic dengue fever: a seldom recognized hazard for Pakistani children.Academic Article Why?
Clinical profile of early diagnosed dengue fever in hospitalized children in South Delhi.Academic Article Why?
Hydrational status assessed by bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy and dilution methods in patients with classical dengue fever.Academic Article Why?
A Role for Human Skin Mast Cells in Dengue Virus Infection and Systemic Spread.Academic Article Why?
Aedes aegypti D7 Saliva Protein Inhibits Dengue Virus Infection.Academic Article Why?
Arthropod EVs mediate dengue virus transmission through interaction with a tetraspanin domain containing glycoprotein Tsp29Fb.Academic Article Why?
Dengue Virus Infection of Aedes aegypti Requires a Putative Cysteine Rich Venom Protein.Academic Article Why?
Human C5a Protein Participates in the Mosquito Immune Response Against Dengue Virus.Academic Article Why?
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