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Relative cytokine and cytokine inhibitor production by mononuclear cells and neutrophils.Academic Article Why?
Cytokine-mediated alterations in host metabolism prevent nutritional repletion in cachectic cancer patients.Academic Article Why?
Cytokine-mediated inhibition of fibrillar amyloid-beta peptide degradation by human mononuclear phagocytes.Academic Article Why?
Inflammatory Cytokine-Mediated Regulation of Thrombospondin-1 and CD36 in Conjunctival Cells.Academic Article Why?
K+ channel antisense oligodeoxynucleotides inhibit cytokine-induced expansion of human hemopoietic progenitors.Academic Article Why?
PEG-BP-30 monotherapy attenuates the cytokine-mediated inflammatory cascade in baboon Escherichia coli septic shock.Academic Article Why?
Plasma cytokines, cytokine antagonists, and disease progression in African women infected with HIV-1.Academic Article Why?
Quantitative analysis of cytokine-induced hepatocyte nuclear factor-4a phosphorylation by mass spectrometry.Academic Article Why?
Rel A/p65 is required for cytokine-induced myotube atrophy.Academic Article Why?
Role of the cytokine-induced SH2 domain-containing protein CIS in growth hormone receptor internalization.Academic Article Why?
Emerging role of IL-16 in cytokine-mediated regulation of multiple sclerosis.Academic Article Why?
Constitutive and cytokine-induced expression of the ETS transcription factor ESE-3 in the lung.Academic Article Why?
Cytokine-induced mobilization of circulating endothelial progenitor cells enhances repair of injured arteries.Academic Article Why?
Effect of alpha-2-macroglobulin on cytokine-mediated human C-reactive protein production.Academic Article Why?
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