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Introduction: the Fogarty International Research Ethics Education and Curriculum Development Program in historical context.Academic Article Why?
Transition to active learning in rural Nepal: an adaptable and scalable curriculum development model.Academic Article Why?
What residents want to know about geriatrics: an approach to curriculum developmentAcademic Article Why?
Hershman, WarrenPerson Why?
Chapman, ChavaPerson Why?
Interdisciplinary Transgender Veteran Care: Development of a Core Curriculum for VHA Providers.Academic Article Why?
Development and Pilot Implementation of a Trauma-Informed Care Curriculum for Pediatric Residents.Academic Article Why?
Autism Case Training: A Developmental- Behavioral Pediatrics Curriculum Communicating Concerns: Screening and Diagnosis ResultsAcademic Article Why?
Jara, HernanPerson Why?
Enrolling People with Developmental Disabilities in Florida’s Managed Care System: A Training Curriculum, Florida Developmental Disabilities CouncilAcademic Article Why?
Racism as a Unique Social Determinant of Mental Health: Development of a Didactic Curriculum for Psychiatry Residents.Academic Article Why?
McGuire, ChelseaPerson Why?
An integrated model for radiology education: development of a year-long curriculum in imaging with focus on ambulatory and multidisciplinary medicine.Academic Article Why?
Let''s talk about sex: Development and evaluation of a sexual history and counseling curriculum for internal medicine interns.Academic Article Why?
The development and evaluation of a geriatric emergency medicine curriculum. The SAEM Geriatric Emergency Medicine Task Force.Academic Article Why?
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