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Cultural competency and tobacco control training in US medical schools: many but missed opportunities.Academic Article Why?
Evaluating a Cultural Competency Curriculum: Changes in Dental Students'' Perceived Awareness, Knowledge, and Skills.Academic Article Why?
Practice parameter for cultural competence in child and adolescent psychiatric practice.Academic Article Why?
Cultural competence and advocacy in strength-based counselingAcademic Article Why?
Cultural competence in nursing homes: issues and implications for education.Academic Article Why?
Cultural Competency in the Medical Genetics Classroom: A Case Study for a Diverse Learning CommunityAcademic Article Why?
Human Genetic Variation: A Flipped Classroom Exercise in Cultural CompetencyAcademic Article Why?
The ethics of cultural competence.Academic Article Why?
Use of a writing elective to teach cultural competency and professionalism.Academic Article Why?
Assessing Cultural Competence in Psychiatry Residency TrainingGrant Why?
Cultural CompetencyConcept Why?
Getting to the Next Level: Cultural Competence at BMCGrant Why?
Effectiveness of an Evidence-Based Quality Improvement Approach to Cultural Competence Training: The Veterans Affairs'' "Caring for Women Veterans" Program.Academic Article Why?
Hardt, EricPerson Why?
Country of origin and racio-ethnicity: are there differences in perceived organizational cultural competency and job satisfaction among nursing assistants in long-term care?Academic Article Why?
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