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Protein Phase Separation: A New Phase in Cell Biology.Academic Article Why?
Integration of cell biology, pharmacological modeling and statistical analysis: part I: cell biology and PK/PD in the Oncology paradigmAcademic Article Why?
An Update on Bone Cell BiologyAcademic Article Why?
Another notch in stem cell biology: Drosophila intestinal stem cells and the specification of cell fates.Academic Article Why?
Basic mechanisms of lung development: Eighth Woods Hole Conference on Lung Cell Biology 2000.Academic Article Why?
Cell biology of the prion protein.Academic Article Why?
Cellular Biology and Pharmacology of the PlacentaAcademic Article Why?
Cellular biology of prion diseases.Academic Article Why?
Dermal pathology, cellular biology, and inflammation in chronic venous disease.Academic Article Why?
Molecular and cell biology of brain tumor stem cells: lessons from neural progenitor/stem cells.Academic Article Why?
Molecular and cellular biology research in periodontal regeneration and its clinical implication.Academic Article Why?
Molecular and Cellular Biology. Harris, D.A., (Ed.)Academic Article Why?
The cell biology of aging: immunological models.Academic Article Why?
The new stem cell biology.Academic Article Why?
Treating ambulatory ischemia in coronary disease by manipulating the cell biology of atherosclerosis.Academic Article Why?
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