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Causal Inference Methods for Estimating Long-Term Health Effects of Air Quality Regulations.Academic Article Why?
Causation and causal inference in epidemiology.Academic Article Why?
Formalizing the role of agent-based modeling in causal inference and epidemiology.Academic Article Why?
Regression discontinuity designs in epidemiology: causal inference without randomized trials.Academic Article Why?
Three approaches to causal inference in regression discontinuity designs.Academic Article Why?
Win-Win: Reconciling Social Epidemiology and Causal Inference.Academic Article Why?
A Comparison of Agent-Based Models and the Parametric G-Formula for Causal Inference.Academic Article Why?
Causal inference algorithms can be useful in life course epidemiology.Academic Article Why?
Causal inference and longitudinal data: a case study of religion and mental health.Academic Article Why?
Complex systems models for causal inference in social epidemiology.Academic Article Why?
Tobacco marketing and adolescent smoking: more support for a causal inference.Academic Article Why?
Non-Parametric Bayesian Methods for Causal InferenceGrant Why?
Travel Award for the Workshop on Causal Inference in Health Research, CanadaAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Kim, ChanminPerson Why?
Li, TenglongPerson Why?
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