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Caregiving, metabolic syndrome indicators, and 1-year decline in walking speed: results of Caregiver-SOF.Academic Article Why?
Mortality associated with caregiving, general stress, and caregiving-related stress in elderly women: results of caregiver-study of osteoporotic fractures.Academic Article Why?
Leisure-time exercise and overall physical activity in older women caregivers and non-caregivers from the Caregiver-SOF Study.Academic Article Why?
Associations among caregiving difficulties, burden, and rewards in caregivers to older post-rehabilitation patients.Academic Article Why?
Employment and caregiving: exploration of African American caregivers.Academic Article Why?
Meaning in caregiving and its contribution to caregiver well-being.Academic Article Why?
Caregiver burden and depression among informal caregivers of HIV-infected individuals.Academic Article Why?
Caregiving and cognitive function in older women: evidence for the healthy caregiver hypothesis.Academic Article Why?
Patient-caregiver functional unit scale: a new scale to assess the patient-caregiver dyad.Academic Article Why?
Prevalence and impact of caregiving: a detailed comparison between dementia and nondementia caregivers.Academic Article Why?
Vulnerability of orphan caregivers vs. non-orphan caregivers in KwaZulu-NatalAcademic Article Why?
Caregiving intensity and change in physical functioning over a 2-year period: results of the caregiver-study of osteoporotic fractures.Academic Article Why?
Positive affect and incidence of frailty in elderly women caregivers and noncaregivers: results of Caregiver-Study of Osteoporotic Fractures.Academic Article Why?
Quality of the caregiver--care recipient relationship: does it offset negative consequences of caregiving for family caregivers?Academic Article Why?
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