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A Trial of Antioxidants to Improve Cardiac Function in Patients with (AL) Amyloidosis and Cardiac InvolvementAcademic Article Why?
Longitudinal systolic strain, cardiac function improvement, and survival following treatment of light-chain (AL) cardiac amyloidosis.Academic Article Why?
Features and prognosis of exertional syncope in light-chain associated AL cardiac amyloidosis.Academic Article Why?
Atrial thrombi occurring during sinus rhythm in cardiac amyloidosis: evidence for atrial electromechanical dissociation.Academic Article Why?
Cardiac amyloidosis: shifting our impressions to hopeful.Academic Article Why?
Circulating matrix metalloproteinases and tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases in cardiac amyloidosis.Academic Article Why?
Diagnostic and prognostic utility of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging in light-chain cardiac amyloidosis.Academic Article Why?
Familial and primary (AL) cardiac amyloidosis: echocardiographically similar diseases with distinctly different clinical outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Infusion of light chains from patients with cardiac amyloidosis causes diastolic dysfunction in isolated mouse hearts.Academic Article Why?
Non-invasive imaging for cardiac amyloidosis - delaying the obvious?Academic Article Why?
T1 mapping in cardiac amyloidosis: can we get there from here?Academic Article Why?
The diagnosis and typing of cardiac amyloidosis.Academic Article Why?
Transthyretin (TTR) cardiac amyloidosis.Academic Article Why?
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