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3-D image reconstruction of reconstituted smooth muscle thin filaments containing calponin: visualization of interactions between F-actin and calponin.Academic Article Why?
Agonist-induced redistribution of calponin in contractile vascular smooth muscle cells.Academic Article Why?
An open or closed case for the conformation of calponin homology domains on F-actin?Academic Article Why?
Calponin and mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling in differentiated vascular smooth muscle.Academic Article Why?
Calponin and the composition of smooth muscle thin filaments.Academic Article Why?
Cytoskeletal targeting of calponin in differentiated, contractile smooth muscle cells of the ferret.Academic Article Why?
Effects of basic calponin on the flexural mechanics and stability of F-actin.Academic Article Why?
Effects of calponin on force generation by single smooth muscle cells.Academic Article Why?
Mechanism of calponin stabilization of cross-linked actin networks.Academic Article Why?
Regulation of PKC autophosphorylation by calponin in contractile vascular smooth muscle tissue.Academic Article Why?
Regulation of protein kinase C by the cytoskeletal protein calponin.Academic Article Why?
Strong interaction between caldesmon and calponin.Academic Article Why?
Lehman, WilliamPerson Why?
Calponin is required for agonist-induced signal transduction--evidence from an antisense approach in ferret smooth muscle.Academic Article Why?
Extracellular regulated kinase (ERK) interaction with actin and the calponin homology (CH) domain of actin-binding proteins.Academic Article Why?
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