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Pressure perturbation calorimetry of apolipoproteins in solution and in model lipoproteins.Academic Article Why?
Calorimetry of apolipoprotein-A1 binding to phosphatidylcholine-triolein-cholesterol emulsions.Academic Article Why?
CalorimetryConcept Why?
Calorimetry, Differential ScanningConcept Why?
Calorimetry, IndirectConcept Why?
Gursky, OlgaPerson Why?
Pressure perturbation calorimetry of lipoproteins reveals an endothermic transition without detectable volume changes. Implications for adsorption of apolipoprotein to a phospholipid surface.Academic Article Why?
[Study of the process of thermal destruction of T2 phage and its components by the methods of infrared spectroscopy and a diabatic calorimetry].Academic Article Why?
Conformation and stability properties of B17: II. Analytical investigations using differential scanning calorimetry.Academic Article Why?
Structural and thermotropic properties of synthetic C16:0 (palmitoyl) ceramide: effect of hydration.Academic Article Why?
Shipley, G.Person Why?
Atkinson, DavidPerson Why?
Jayaraman, ShobiniPerson Why?
13C MAS NMR studies of crystalline cholesterol and lipid mixtures modeling atherosclerotic plaques.Academic Article Why?
1H NMR studies of lymph chylomicra and very low density lipoproteins from nonhuman primates.Academic Article Why?
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