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Clinical and research issues in breast cancer genetics.Academic Article Why?
Larson, PamelaPerson Why?
Lunetta, KathrynPerson Why?
Retention of African American women in cancer genetics research.Academic Article Why?
Palmer, JuliePerson Why?
Thiagalingam, SamPerson Why?
Cupples, LPerson Why?
Feng, HuiPerson Why?
Near, RichardPerson Why?
Emili, AndrewPerson Why?
Rosenberg, LynnPerson Why?
Wang, CatharinePerson Why?
Kaye, JamesPerson Why?
Enhanced statistical tests for GWAS in admixed populations: assessment using African Americans from CARe and a Breast Cancer Consortium.Academic Article Why?
Annas, GeorgePerson Why?
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