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Concilio, KatherinePerson Why?
Chapman, ChavaPerson Why?
DiPetrillo, MelissaPerson Why?
Theodore, ArthurPerson Why?
Quan, JanicePerson Why?
Human dimensions in bedside teaching: focus group discussions of teachers and learners.Academic Article Why?
Improving bedside teaching: findings from a focus group study of learners.Academic Article Why?
Sverdlov, AaronPerson Why?
Jack, BrianPerson Why?
Ethics in medicine: are we blind? In support of teaching medical ethics at the bedside.Academic Article Why?
Bliss, CharlesPerson Why?
Orlander, JayPerson Why?
Jette, AlanPerson Why?
Losina, ElenaPerson Why?
Phillips, ChristinePerson Why?
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