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Association of epidural analgesia with cesarean delivery in nulliparas.Academic Article Why?
Complications of labor analgesia: epidural versus combined spinal epidural techniques.Academic Article Why?
Does epinephrine improve the diagnostic accuracy of aspiration during labor epidural analgesia?Academic Article Why?
Epidural analgesia and risks of cesarean and operative vaginal deliveries in nulliparous and multiparous women.Academic Article Why?
Labor epidural analgesia without an intravascular "test dose".Academic Article Why?
The effect of maternal position on fetal heart rate during epidural or intrathecal labor analgesia.Academic Article Why?
The influence of the obstetrician in the relationship between epidural analgesia and cesarean section for dystocia.Academic Article Why?
Labour analgesia. A risk-benefit analysis.Academic Article Why?
Labour analgesia: what are the (new) options?Academic Article Why?
Spinal opioid analgesia for labor.Academic Article Why?
Agitation during procedural sedation and analgesia in children.Academic Article Why?
Baricity, needle direction, and intrathecal sufentanil labor analgesia.Academic Article Why?
Bispectral index monitoring quantifies depth of sedation during emergency department procedural sedation and analgesia in children.Academic Article Why?
Changes in fetal position during labor and their association with epidural analgesia.Academic Article Why?
Comparison among intrathecal fentanyl, meperidine, and sufentanil for labor analgesia.Academic Article Why?
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