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Basal cells as stem cells of the mouse trachea and human airway epithelium.Academic Article Why?
Changes in the carbohydrate content of airway epithelium induced by human neutrophil elastase in the hamster.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of proteomic and transcriptomic profiles in the bronchial airway epithelium of current and never smokers.Academic Article Why?
Driver Mutations in Normal Airway Epithelium Elucidate Spatiotemporal Resolution of Lung Cancer.Academic Article Why?
Extracellular oxidation in cystic fibrosis airway epithelium causes enhanced EGFR/ADAM17 activity.Academic Article Why?
MicroRNAs as modulators of smoking-induced gene expression changes in human airway epithelium.Academic Article Why?
Neuroepithelial bodies and growth of the airway epithelium in developing hamster lung.Academic Article Why?
Neuroepithelial bodies stimulate proliferation of airway epithelium in fetal hamster lung.Academic Article Why?
Single-Cell Transcriptomic Profiling of Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived SCGB3A2+ Airway Epithelium.Academic Article Why?
SIRT1 pathway dysregulation in the smoke-exposed airway epithelium and lung tumor tissue.Academic Article Why?
The airway epithelium undergoes metabolic reprogramming in individuals at high risk for lung cancer.Academic Article Why?
Unjamming and cell shape in the asthmatic airway epithelium.Academic Article Why?
Spira, AvrumPerson Why?
Abstract 3077: Dysregulation of microRNA-mRNA regulatory networks in the bronchial airway epithelium of smokers with lung cancerAcademic Article Why?
Abstract 3154: Sequencing of the small RNA transcriptome in cytologically normal bronchial airway epithelium of smokers with and without lung cancerAcademic Article Why?
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