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Basal cells as stem cells of the mouse trachea and human airway epithelium.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of proteomic and transcriptomic profiles in the bronchial airway epithelium of current and never smokers.Academic Article Why?
MicroRNAs as modulators of smoking-induced gene expression changes in human airway epithelium.Academic Article Why?
Neuroepithelial bodies and growth of the airway epithelium in developing hamster lung.Academic Article Why?
Neuroepithelial bodies stimulate proliferation of airway epithelium in fetal hamster lung.Academic Article Why?
SIRT1 pathway dysregulation in the smoke-exposed airway epithelium and lung tumor tissue.Academic Article Why?
The airway epithelium undergoes metabolic reprogramming in individuals at high risk for lung cancer.Academic Article Why?
Unjamming and cell shape in the asthmatic airway epithelium.Academic Article Why?
Spira, AvrumPerson Why?
Compressive Stress Causes an Unjamming Transition and an Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in the Airway Epithelium in Asthma.Academic Article Why?
Development of airway epithelium. Patterns of expression for markers of differentiation.Academic Article Why?
Efficient Derivation of Functional Human Airway Epithelium from Pluripotent Stem Cells via Temporal Regulation of Wnt Signaling.Academic Article Why?
Genetic variation and antioxidant response gene expression in the bronchial airway epithelium of smokers at risk for lung cancer.Academic Article Why?
Massari, PaolaPerson Why?
Airway basal stem cells: a perspective on their roles in epithelial homeostasis and remodeling.Academic Article Why?
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