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Administrative and behavioral interventions for workplace violence prevention.Academic Article Why?
Assault rates and implementation of a workplace violence prevention program in the Veterans Health Care Administration.Academic Article Why?
Incidence and risk factors of workplace violence on psychiatric staff.Academic Article Why?
Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Considerations for Health-Care Workers: AOA Critical Issues.Academic Article Why?
Workplace ViolenceConcept Why?
Part of the job? Workplace violence in Massachusetts social service agencies.Academic Article Why?
Lanza, MarilynPerson Why?
Mohr, DavidPerson Why?
Non-physical violence: a risk factor for physical violence in health care settings.Academic Article Why?
The Violence Prevention Community Meeting: A Multi-Site Study.Academic Article Why?
Validation of the Assault (Violence) Response Scale: An Update.Academic Article Why?
Violence Prevention Community Meeting Conducted on Your Unit.Academic Article Why?
Tornetta, PaulPerson Why?
Flanzbaum, BethPerson Why?
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