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Preparing the Public Health Workforce for the Post-COVID-19 Era.Academic Article Why?
Advancing Workforce Health at the Department of Homeland Security: Protecting Those Who Protect UsAcademic Article Why?
Developing the mental health workforce: review and application of training approaches from multiple disciplines.Academic Article Why?
Dynamics of the mental health workforce: investigating the composition of physicians and other health providers.Academic Article Why?
Improving Allocation And Management Of The Health Workforce In Zambia.Academic Article Why?
Meeting the environmental health training challenges of the local public health workforce in Massachusetts.Academic Article Why?
On Your Time: Online Training for the Public Health WorkforceAcademic Article Why?
On your time: online training for the public health workforce.Academic Article Why?
Health ManpowerConcept Why?
New England Alliance for Public Health Workforce DevelopmentGrant Why?
The effects of maternity waiting homes on the health workforce and maternal health service delivery in rural Zambia: a qualitative analysis.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of health workforce competence in maternal and neonatal issues in public health sector of Pakistan: an Assessment of their training needs.Academic Article Why?
How to conduct a discrete choice experiment for health workforce recruitment and retention in remote and rural areas: a user guide with case studiesAcademic Article Why?
Analysis of Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) Data Can Improve House Staff Diversity.Academic Article Why?
Family leaders and workforce leadership development.Academic Article Why?
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