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Quality management and federal workers'' compensation: the Veterans Health Administration workers'' compensation program model.Academic Article Why?
Attorney involvement, claim duration, and workers' compensation costs.Academic Article Why?
Reexamining workers' compensation: a human rights perspective.Academic Article Why?
The workers' compensation system: worker friend or foe?Academic Article Why?
Using linked federal and state data to study the adequacy of workers'' compensation benefits.Academic Article Why?
Workers' compensation in the United States: high costs, low benefits.Academic Article Why?
Boden, LesliePerson Why?
Workers’ Compensation: Where Have We Come From? Where Are We Going? Workers Compensation Research InstituteAcademic Article Why?
Impact of clinical quality on employee choice of providers for workers'' compensation-related medical care.Academic Article Why?
Workers Compensation Research InstituteAcademic Article Why?
Workers Compensation Research InstituteAcademic Article Why?
Workers' Compensation Health Care Cost-Containment (J. Greenwood, A. Taricco, eds.)Academic Article Why?
. New Mexico workers’ compensation permanent partial disability and return-to-work: An evaluationAcademic Article Why?
Adequacy of Earnings Replacement in Workers’ Compensation Programs (H. Allan Hunt, ed.)Academic Article Why?
Choice of medical care provider, workers’ compensation “Reforms,” and workplace injuriesAcademic Article Why?
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