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Wnt ProteinsConcept Why?
Kukuruzinska, MariaPerson Why?
Dominguez, Maria IsabelPerson Why?
Aberrant amplification of the crosstalk between canonical Wnt signaling and N-glycosylation gene DPAGT1 promotes oral cancer.Academic Article Why?
Antagonistic effect of the matricellular signaling protein CCN3 on TGF-beta- and Wnt-mediated fibrillinogenesis in systemic sclerosis and Marfan syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Beta-arrestin and casein kinase 1/2 define distinct branches of non-canonical WNT signalling pathways.Academic Article Why?
BMP signaling negatively regulates bone mass through sclerostin by inhibiting the canonical Wnt pathway.Academic Article Why?
Canonical Wnt signaling induces skin fibrosis and subcutaneous lipoatrophy: a novel mouse model for scleroderma?Academic Article Why?
CK2 as a positive regulator of Wnt signalling and tumourigenesis.Academic Article Why?
Coordinate regulation of N-glycosylation gene DPAGT1, canonical Wnt signaling and E-cadherin adhesion.Academic Article Why?
Disruption of the basal body compromises proteasomal function and perturbs intracellular Wnt response.Academic Article Why?
Dynamic expression of a LEF-EGFP Wnt reporter in mouse development and cancer.Academic Article Why?
Enhanced chondrogenesis and Wnt signaling in PTH-treated fractures.Academic Article Why?
Functional Wnt signaling is increased in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.Academic Article Why?
Genetic variation at the low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 5 (LRP5) locus modulates Wnt signaling and the relationship of physical activity with bone mineral density in men.Academic Article Why?
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