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Dietary patterns of men and women suggest targets for health promotion: the Framingham Nutrition Studies.Academic Article Why?
Health promotion in older adults: evidence-based smoking cessation programs for use in primary care settings.Academic Article Why?
Integration of health protection and health promotion: rationale, indicators, and metrics.Academic Article Why?
Mass media antismoking campaigns: a powerful tool for health promotion.Academic Article Why?
Motivational interviewing in health promotion: it sounds like something is changing.Academic Article Why?
Pilot evaluation of a health promotion program for African immigrant and refugee women: the UJAMBO Program.Academic Article Why?
Re: From health surveillance to health promotion: the changing focus in preventive children's service.Academic Article Why?
Reaching Adolescents for Prevention: The Role of Pediatric Emergency Department Health Promotion Advocates.Academic Article Why?
Recruitment of religious organisations into a community-based health promotion programme.Academic Article Why?
School-based cardiovascular health promotion: the child and adolescent trial for cardiovascular health (CATCH).Academic Article Why?
Merewood, AnnePerson Why?
Philipp, BarbaraPerson Why?
Barriers to health promotion and disease prevention in the Latino population.Academic Article Why?
Dental Health Education and Health PromotionAcademic Article Why?
Little evidence from randomised controlled trials regarding effects of routine health promotion interventions for pregnant women.Academic Article Why?
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