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How researchers define vulnerable populations in HIV/AIDS clinical trials.Academic Article Why?
Medical-legal partnerships: transforming primary care by addressing the legal needs of vulnerable populations.Academic Article Why?
Randomized trial of a family-based, automated, conversational obesity treatment program for underserved populations.Academic Article Why?
Resuscitation research involving vulnerable populations: are additional protections needed for emergency exception from informed consent?Academic Article Why?
Patient navigation for underserved patients diagnosed with breast cancer.Academic Article Why?
Joseph, NataliePerson Why?
Cancer clinical trial enrollment of diverse and underserved patients within an urban safety net hospital.Academic Article Why?
Distinguishing "exploitable" from "vulnerable" populations: when consent is not the issueAcademic Article Why?
Eliminating health disparities: innovative methods to improve cervical cancer screening in a medically underserved population.Academic Article Why?
Emergency Care for Homeless Patients: A Window Into the Health Needs of Vulnerable Populations.Academic Article Why?
Identifying and caring for underserved populations: experience of the National Centers of Excellence in Women's Health.Academic Article Why?
Recruitment in a Pediatric Clinical Research Trial Targeting Underserved Populations: Efforts and ChallengesAcademic Article Why?
Patient Safety for Vulnerable PopulationsGrant Why?
Training in Health Services Research for Vulnerable PopulationsGrant Why?
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