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Hirsch, ArielPerson Why?
In regards to Dennis and Duncan: Radiation oncology in undergraduate medical education: a literature review (Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2010;76:649-655).Academic Article Why?
Shaffer, KittPerson Why?
Abbott, Jodi FrancesPerson Why?
Kerfoot, BranchPerson Why?
Zumwalt, AnnPerson Why?
Orlander, JayPerson Why?
A Nationwide Medical Student Assessment of Oncology Education.Academic Article Why?
A new approach to teaching undergraduates about occupational health issues.Academic Article Why?
A novel three-dimensional tool for teaching human neuroanatomy.Academic Article Why?
A randomized pilot study of the use of concept maps to enhance problem-based learning among first-year medical students.Academic Article Why?
A survey of undergraduate pediatric education. Progress in the 1980s?Academic Article Why?
A third-year surgery clerkship with extensive exposure to vascular surgery improves knowledge about vascular disease and the role of vascular surgeons in its management.Academic Article Why?
Academic performance of ethnic minorities in medical school.Academic Article Why?
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