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Vascular permeability factor (VPF, VEGF) in tumor biology.Academic Article Why?
Racial Differences in Prostate Cancer: Influence of Health Care and Host Tumor BiologyGrant Why?
The genetics and molecular biology of colonic neoplasia: practical implications for the clinician.Academic Article Why?
Molecular and cell biology of brain tumor stem cells: lessons from neural progenitor/stem cells.Academic Article Why?
Prognostic value of the stage 4S metastatic pattern and tumor biology in patients with metastatic neuroblastoma diagnosed between birth and 18 months of age.Academic Article Why?
Significance of tumor biology compared to metastatic pattern (INSS 4 versus 4s) and age for prognosis of neuroblastoma less than 18 months of age.Academic Article Why?
Rahimi, NaderPerson Why?
Wilms tumor: recent advances in clinical care and biology.Academic Article Why?
The Childhood Solid Tumor Network: A new resource for the developmental biology and oncology research communities.Academic Article Why?
Hsu, TienPerson Why?
Clark, JackPerson Why?
Cohen, HerbertPerson Why?
A network based approach to drug repositioning identifies plausible candidates for breast cancer and prostate cancer.Academic Article Why?
Molecular biology in nephrology: an overview with emphasis on the study of renal cancer.Academic Article Why?
Systems Approaches to Cancer Biology.Academic Article Why?
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