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Orthopedic TraumatologyAcademic Article Why?
Dynamics of Oppression and Coping From Traumatology Perspective: The Example of Palestinian AdolescentsAcademic Article Why?
Orthopedic traumatology: An evidence-based approachAcademic Article Why?
TraumatologyConcept Why?
A mobile trauma database with charge capture.Academic Article Why?
A position paper: The convergence of aging and injury and the need for a Geriatric Trauma Coalition (GeriTraC).Academic Article Why?
ACGME case logs: Surgery resident experience in operative trauma for two decades.Academic Article Why?
American College of Surgeons' Committee on Trauma Performance Improvement and Patient Safety program: maximal impact in a mature trauma center.Academic Article Why?
Ankle Fractures: An Expert Survey of Orthopaedic Trauma Association Members and Evidence-Based Treatment Recommendations.Academic Article Why?
Brahmbhatt, TejalPerson Why?
Guidelines for orthopaedic trauma fellowships. Orthopaedic Trauma Association, Fellowship and Career Choices Committee.Academic Article Why?
Interrater reliability in grading abstracts for the orthopaedic trauma association.Academic Article Why?
Military-Civilian Partnerships in Training, Sustaining, Recruitment, Retention, and Readiness: Proceedings from an Exploratory First-Steps Meeting.Academic Article Why?
Orthopaedic trauma education: visions for the future through the OTA. Orthopaedic Trauma Association.Academic Article Why?
Publication rates for the scientific sessions of the OTA. Orthopaedic Trauma Association.Academic Article Why?
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