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Glantz, AndrewPerson Why?
Surgical resident perceptions of trauma surgery as a specialty.Academic Article Why?
Emerging Technologies: Is There a Role in Cervical Trauma Surgery?Academic Article Why?
Bone Morphogenetic Proteins: Applications in Orthopaedic and Trauma SurgeryAcademic Article Why?
Cross-Cultural Comparison of Postoperative Discharge Opioid Prescribing After Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery.Academic Article Why?
Current and future clinical applications of bone morphogenetic proteins in orthopaedic trauma surgery.Academic Article Why?
Operative techniques in orthopaedic trauma surgeryAcademic Article Why?
Burke, PeterPerson Why?
Brahmbhatt, TejalPerson Why?
European Journal of Trauma and Emergency SurgeryAcademic Article Why?
Prophylactic antibiotic use in penetrating abdominal trauma: an Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma practice management guideline.Academic Article Why?
Bone grafts and bone graft substitutes in orthopaedic trauma surgery. A critical analysis.Academic Article Why?
ACGME case logs: Surgery resident experience in operative trauma for two decades.Academic Article Why?
Simultaneous multisystem surgery: An important capability for the civilian trauma hospital.Academic Article Why?
Operative fixation of rib fractures after blunt trauma: A practice management guideline from the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma.Academic Article Why?
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