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Trauma Imaging: Protocol Considerations Utilizing 64MDCTAcademic Article Why?
Pediatric cervical spine trauma imaging: a practical approach.Academic Article Why?
Pitfalls, Mimickers and Misses in Carotid and Vertebral Artery Trauma ImagingAcademic Article Why?
Soto, JorgePerson Why?
Trends in musculoskeletal imaging in trauma patients: how has our practice changed over time?Academic Article Why?
64 MDCT in multiple trauma patients: imaging manifestations and clinical implications of active extravasation.Academic Article Why?
Variability in CT imaging of blunt trauma among ED physicians, surgical residents, and trauma surgeons.Academic Article Why?
Letter from the guest editor: imaging of trauma.Academic Article Why?
Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Trauma Patients Treated With Contemporary External Fixation Devices: A Multicenter Case Series.Academic Article Why?
Imaging colorectal trauma using 64-MDCT technology.Academic Article Why?
Integration of 64-detector lower extremity CT angiography into whole-body trauma imaging: feasibility and early experience.Academic Article Why?
Imaging of Brain Trauma.Academic Article Why?
Pelvic CT angiography in blunt trauma: imaging findings and protocol considerations. [corrected].Academic Article Why?
Roux, MichaelPerson Why?
Comparison of conventional and turbo spin-echo T1-weighted MR imaging in acute knee trauma.Academic Article Why?
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