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Borrelli, BelindaPerson Why?
Abdullah, AbuPerson Why?
The prevalence and trends of waterpipe tobacco smoking: A systematic review.Academic Article Why?
A review of tobacco smoking and smoking cessation practices among physicians in China: 1987-2010.Academic Article Why?
Siegel, MichaelPerson Why?
Interventions for waterpipe tobacco smoking prevention and cessation: a systematic review.Academic Article Why?
Stein, MichaelPerson Why?
Characteristics of Cigarette Smoking in Individuals in Smoking Concordant and Smoking Discordant Couples.Academic Article Why?
Effect of local restaurant smoking regulations on progression to established smoking among youths.Academic Article Why?
Measuring smoking-related preoccupation and compulsive drive: evaluation of the obsessive compulsive smoking scale.Academic Article Why?
Human papillomavirus serology and tobacco smoking in a community control group.Academic Article Why?
Role of tobacco smoking in hangover symptoms among university students.Academic Article Why?
The effects of waterpipe tobacco smoking on health outcomes: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis.Academic Article Why?
Tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption and their interaction in the causation of hepatocellular carcinoma.Academic Article Why?
Tobacco smoking, estrogen receptor alpha gene variation and small low density lipoprotein level.Academic Article Why?
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