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2011 AOA Symposium: Tissue Engineering and Tissue Regeneration: AOA critical issues.Academic Article Why?
A novel bioactive porous CaSiO3 scaffold for bone tissue engineering.Academic Article Why?
A novel tissue engineering-based assay for immunological infertility.Academic Article Why?
Applications of dendrimers in tissue engineering.Academic Article Why?
Biodendrimers: new polymeric biomaterials for tissue engineering.Academic Article Why?
Development of mRuby2-Transfected C3H10T1/2 Fibroblasts for Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering.Academic Article Why?
Intestinal tissue engineering: from regenerative medicine to model systems.Academic Article Why?
Nanomechanical analysis of bone tissue engineering scaffolds.Academic Article Why?
Regenerative endodontics and tissue engineering: what the future holds?Academic Article Why?
Vascular smooth muscle cells derived from inbred swine induced pluripotent stem cells for vascular tissue engineering.Academic Article Why?
[Mineralization of the dental pulp: contributions of tissue engineering to tomorrow's therapeutics in odontology].Academic Article Why?
Global gene expression of cells attached to a tissue engineering scaffold.Academic Article Why?
Tissue Engineering of BoneAcademic Article Why?
Tissue Engineering of Fracture RepairAcademic Article Why?
Frontiers of research in biomaterials and tissue engineeringAcademic Article Why?
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