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Safer, JoshuaPerson Why?
Isoform variable action among thyroid hormone receptor mutants provides insight into pituitary resistance to thyroid hormone.Academic Article Why?
The thyroid hormone receptor-beta gene mutation R383H is associated with isolated central resistance to thyroid hormone.Academic Article Why?
Defective release of corepressor by hinge mutants of the thyroid hormone receptor found in patients with resistance to thyroid hormone.Academic Article Why?
Braverman, LewisPerson Why?
Diagnostic confusion attributable to spurious elevation of both total thyroid hormone and thyroid hormone uptake measurements in the setting of autoantibodies: case report and review of related literature.Academic Article Why?
Thyroid hormone action on skin.Academic Article Why?
A pituitary tumor in a patient with thyroid hormone resistance: a diagnostic dilemma.Academic Article Why?
Finding the right balance between resistance and sensitivity: a review of the cardiac manifestations of the syndrome of resistance to thyroid hormone and the implications for treatment.Academic Article Why?
Differential expression of thyroid hormone receptor isoforms in neurons and astroglial cells.Academic Article Why?
Hyperresponse to thyrotropin-releasing hormone accompanying small decreases in serum thyroid hormone concentrations.Academic Article Why?
Thyroid hormone and obesity.Academic Article Why?
The use and misuse of thyroid hormone.Academic Article Why?
Thyroid hormone therapy is not indicated in the majority of patients with the sick euthyroid syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Active form of the thyroid hormone.Academic Article Why?
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