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Inherited prothrombotic risk factors and cerebral venous thrombosis.Academic Article Why?
Detection of intracoronary thrombus by magnetic resonance imaging in patients with acute myocardial infarction.Academic Article Why?
Delayed diagnosis of iliac vein thrombus in a sexually-active adolescent with Klippel-Trénaunay syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Detection of thrombus size and protein content by ex vivo magnetization transfer and diffusion weighted MRI.Academic Article Why?
Embolization of an intracardiac thrombus during a cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging study.Academic Article Why?
Endovascular therapy for symptomatic mobile thrombus of infrarenal abdominal aorta.Academic Article Why?
Monocyte urokinase-type plasminogen activator up-regulation reduces thrombus size in a model of venous thrombosis.Academic Article Why?
Reduced shear stress and disturbed flow may lead to coronary aneurysm and thrombus formations.Academic Article Why?
Right ventricular thrombus: an unusual manifestation of Behçet's disease.Academic Article Why?
Nitric oxide insufficiency and arterial thrombosis.Academic Article Why?
Thrombosis in end-stage renal disease.Academic Article Why?
Acute stroke, catheter related venous thrombosis, and paradoxical cerebral embolism: report of two cases.Academic Article Why?
Antithrombotic agents and the prevention of access thrombosis.Academic Article Why?
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