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Implementing Teledermatology for Rural Veterans: An Evaluation Using the RE-AIM Framework.Academic Article Why?
Use of spatial mapping technology to characterize geographic and socioeconomic reach of teledermatology service.Academic Article Why?
Nguyen, BichchauPerson Why?
Incidence of melanoma and keratinocytic carcinomas in patients evaluated by store-and-forward teledermatology vs. dermatology clinic.Academic Article Why?
VA Telederm study: protocol for a stepped-wedge cluster randomised trial to compare access to care for a mobile app versus a workstation-based store-and-forward teledermatology process.Academic Article Why?
Konnikov, NelliePerson Why?
Prentice, JuliaPerson Why?
Gifford, AllenPerson Why?
Mohr, DavidPerson Why?
Elwy, A. RaniPerson Why?
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