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Shaffer, KittPerson Why?
Profile of medical student teaching in radiology: teaching methods, staff participation, and rewards.Academic Article Why?
Teaching methods in anatomy courses in North American medical schools the role of radiology.Academic Article Why?
Rencic, JosephPerson Why?
"Why We Need a Guide to New Teaching Methods Now".Academic Article Why?
Abdel Mehio Teaching Award for Exemplary Teaching in a Non-OR SettingAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Zucker Clinical Teaching Prize for Outstanding Innovation in Clinical TeachingAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Twelve tips for use of a white board in clinical teaching: reviving the chalk talk.Academic Article Why?
Hershman, WarrenPerson Why?
Teaching Public Health, Informing and Guiding Pedagogy in Public Health EducationAcademic Article Why?
Wisco, JonathanPerson Why?
Bringing mini-chalk talks to the bedside to enhance clinical teaching.Academic Article Why?
Co-teaching: a faculty development strategy.Academic Article Why?
Master surgeons' operative teaching philosophies: a qualitative analysis of parallels to learning theory.Academic Article Why?
A longitudinal curriculum to improve resident teaching skills.Academic Article Why?
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