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Substance use and teen pregnancy in the United States: evidence from the NSDUH 2002-2012.Academic Article Why?
The 4P's Plus screen for substance use in pregnancy: clinical application and outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Birth outcome in incarcerated, high-risk pregnant women.Academic Article Why?
Characteristics of pregnant illicit drug users and associations between cannabis use and perinatal outcome in a population-based study.Academic Article Why?
Cocaine abuse in maternal-child health care.Academic Article Why?
Alcohol and psychoactive drug use during pregnancy.Academic Article Why?
Cocaine and marijuana use during pregnancy by women intending and not intending to breast-feed.Academic Article Why?
Cocaine use during pregnancy: prevalence and correlates.Academic Article Why?
Developmental consequences of maternal drug use during pregnancy.Academic Article Why?
Overview of the effects of abuse and drugs on pregnancy and offspring.Academic Article Why?
Pregnancy outcome after suicide attempt by drug use: a Danish population-based study.Academic Article Why?
Risk factors and health during pregnancy among women previously exposed to sexual violence.Academic Article Why?
Violence during pregnancy and substance use.Academic Article Why?
Pregnancy, drugs, and the perils of prosecution.Academic Article Why?
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