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A biologic perspective on sexual orientation.Academic Article Why?
A factor analysis of the Klein sexual orientation grid in two disparate samples.Academic Article Why?
A family history study of male sexual orientation using three independent samples.Academic Article Why?
A family study of sexual orientation.Academic Article Why?
Alcohol use and sexual behavior among "Black" adolescents.Academic Article Why?
Alcohol, drugs, and adolescent sexual behavior.Academic Article Why?
An ecological analysis of colorectal cancer incidence and mortality: differences by sexual orientation.Academic Article Why?
Breast cancer survivorship: the role of perceived discrimination and sexual orientation.Academic Article Why?
Displacement of sexual partnerships in trials of sexual behavior interventions: A model-based assessment of consequences.Academic Article Why?
Emotional distress among LGBT youth: the influence of perceived discrimination based on sexual orientation.Academic Article Why?
Examining weight and eating behavior by sexual orientation in a sample of male veterans.Academic Article Why?
HIV medical care provider practices for reducing high-risk sexual behavior: results of a qualitative study.Academic Article Why?
How women''s sexual orientation guides accuracy of interpersonal judgements of other women.Academic Article Why?
Perceived stress and sexual orientation among breast cancer survivors.Academic Article Why?
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