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Case Volume-Outcomes Associations Among Patients With Severe Sepsis Who Underwent Interhospital Transfer.Academic Article Why?
Hospital case volume and outcomes among patients hospitalized with severe sepsis.Academic Article Why?
Incident stroke and mortality associated with new-onset atrial fibrillation in patients hospitalized with severe sepsis.Academic Article Why?
Performance of an Automated Screening Algorithm for Early Detection of Pediatric Severe Sepsis.Academic Article Why?
PON1 and oxidative stress in human sepsis and an animal model of sepsis.Academic Article Why?
Randomized controlled trial of calcitriol in severe sepsis.Academic Article Why?
Relationship of pulmonary artery catheter use to mortality and resource utilization in patients with severe sepsis.Academic Article Why?
Risk factors for death after sepsis in patients immunosuppressed before the onset of sepsis.Academic Article Why?
Sepsis-3 on the Block: What Does It Mean for Preclinical Sepsis Modeling?Academic Article Why?
Severe sepsis in pre-hospital emergency care: analysis of incidence, care, and outcome.Academic Article Why?
Severe sepsis: variation in resource and therapeutic modality use among academic centers.Academic Article Why?
Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome Criteria for Severe Sepsis.Academic Article Why?
Two decades of mortality trends among patients with severe sepsis: a comparative meta-analysis*.Academic Article Why?
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