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A Hepatitis C Treatment Program Based in a Safety-Net Hospital Patient-Centered Medical Home.Academic Article Why?
Age, Race, and Income Are Associated With Lower Screening Rates at a Safety Net Hospital.Academic Article Why?
Alcohol use and hospital readmissions following stroke: A safety net hospital experience.Academic Article Why?
Challenges in Surgical Quality at Safety-Net Hospitals.Academic Article Why?
Effects of cuts in Medicaid on dental-related visits and costs at a safety-net hospital.Academic Article Why?
Esophageal Cancer Presentation, Treatment, and Outcomes Vary With Hospital Safety-Net Burden.Academic Article Why?
Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program: Safety-Net Hospitals Show Improvement, Modifications To Penalty Formula Still Needed.Academic Article Why?
Initial surgical experience following implementation of lung cancer screening at an urban safety net hospital.Academic Article Why?
Presentation and Survival of Gastric Cancer Patients at an Urban Academic Safety-Net Hospital.Academic Article Why?
Racial differences in colorectal cancer survival at a safety net hospital.Academic Article Why?
Safety-net Hospitals Face More Barriers Yet Use Fewer Strategies to Reduce Readmissions.Academic Article Why?
The Mission of Safety Net Hospitals: Charity or Equity?Academic Article Why?
Using lean methodology to teach quality improvement to internal medicine residents at a safety net hospital.Academic Article Why?
Presentation, Treatment, and Outcomes of Vulnerable Populations With Esophageal Cancer Treated at a Safety-Net Hospital.Academic Article Why?
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