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Pre-peer review, peer review, and post-peer review: three areas with potential for improvement.Academic Article Why?
Communities of Practice in Peer Review: Outlining a Group Review Process.Academic Article Why?
Authors'' Response to "Comment on the Proposed Institutional Review Board Retrospective Review of Research".Academic Article Why?
Effects of local institutional review board review on participation in national practice-based research network studies.Academic Article Why?
Galea, SandroPerson Why?
Bauchner, HowardPerson Why?
Impact of interventions to improve the quality of peer review of biomedical journals: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Academic Article Why?
Wilson, KevinPerson Why?
[Peer review journals in the digital age].Academic Article Why?
A guide to the external review of an academic radiology department.Academic Article Why?
Applications for Research Concerning Fetal or Placental Tissue and Expected Institutional Review Board Responses.Academic Article Why?
Ascertainment of warfarin and aspirin use by medical record review compared with automated pharmacy data.Academic Article Why?
Attitudes to peer review as a competence assurance structure--results of a survey of Irish physicians.Academic Article Why?
Editorial Evaluation and Peer Review During a Pandemic: How Journals Maintain Standards.Academic Article Why?
Expanding Group Peer Review: A Proposal for Medical Education Scholarship.Academic Article Why?
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