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Commentary on "Research Design in End-of-Life Research: State of Science".Academic Article Why?
Experimental design and error detection for polyploid radiation hybrid mapping.Academic Article Why?
Isolating the Unique Effects of the Unified Protocol Treatment Modules Using Single Case Experimental Design.Academic Article Why?
Law, behavior, and research design: a final note.Academic Article Why?
Research design in family medicine.Academic Article Why?
Research Techniques Made Simple: Laser Capture Microdissection in Cutaneous Research.Academic Article Why?
Chang, MarkPerson Why?
Thea, DonaldPerson Why?
Research Techniques Made Simple: Workflow for Searching Databases to Reduce Evidence Selection Bias in Systematic Reviews.Academic Article Why?
Rothman, KennethPerson Why?
Coherent dispersion criteria for optimal experimental designAcademic Article Why?
Maximum entropy sampling and optimal Bayesian experimental designAcademic Article Why?
Microfaunal research design in the Cantabrian Spanish PaleolithicAcademic Article Why?
Research Techniques Made Simple: Analysis of Collective Cell Migration Using the Wound Healing Assay.Academic Article Why?
Single case experimental designs: Strategies for studying behavior changeAcademic Article Why?
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