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Amelogenin-assisted ex vivo remineralization of human enamel: Effects of supersaturation degree and fluoride concentration.Academic Article Why?
Controlled remineralization of enamel in the presence of amelogenin and fluoride.Academic Article Why?
Effect of bamboo salt-NaF dentifrice on enamel remineralization.Academic Article Why?
In vitro studies on re-hardening and remineralization of human dental enamelAcademic Article Why?
Novel amelogenin-releasing hydrogel for remineralization of enamel artificial caries.Academic Article Why?
Tooth RemineralizationConcept Why?
Effect of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles on enamel remineralization and estimation of fissure sealant bond strength to remineralized tooth surfaces: an in vitro study.Academic Article Why?
Fan, YuweiPerson Why?
Dashti, MohammadPerson Why?
Sohn, WoosungPerson Why?
Nonfluoride caries-preventive agents: executive summary of evidence-based clinical recommendations.Academic Article Why?
Garcia, RaulPerson Why?
Progress in Early Childhood Caries and Opportunities in Research, Policy, and Clinical Management.Academic Article Why?
Borrelli, BelindaPerson Why?
Oppenheim, FrankPerson Why?
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