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Corroboration of sexual histories among male homosexual couples.Academic Article Why?
Factors influencing the risk of infection with human immunodeficiency virus in homosexual men, Denver 1982-1985.Academic Article Why?
Heterosexual interest in homosexual males.Academic Article Why?
Infectiousness of HIV between male homosexual partners.Academic Article Why?
Kaposi sarcoma incidence and survival among HIV-infected homosexual men after HIV seroconversion.Academic Article Why?
Neurobehavioral functioning in a nonconfounded group of asymptomatic HIV-seropositive homosexual men.Academic Article Why?
Personality and lipid level differences associated with homosexual and bisexual identity in men.Academic Article Why?
Plasma testosterone levels in homosexual men.Academic Article Why?
Surgical approach to generalized lymphadenopathy in homosexual men.Academic Article Why?
The Gay Identity Questionnaire: a brief measure of Homosexual Identity Formation.Academic Article Why?
Boy Scouts of America policy on homosexuality.Academic Article Why?
Evidence of familial nature of male homosexuality.Academic Article Why?
Familial aspects of male homosexuality.Academic Article Why?
The phobic theory of male homosexuality.Academic Article Why?
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