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Commentary on "Improving Quality Measurement: Design Principles for Quality Measures".Academic Article Why?
Care that Matters: Quality Measurement and Health Care.Academic Article Why?
Comparing definitions of outpatient surgery: Implications for quality measurement.Academic Article Why?
Corrigendum: Multi-Center Colonoscopy Quality Measurement Utilizing Natural Language Processing.Academic Article Why?
Improving quality measurement for anticoagulation: adding international normalized ratio variability to percent time in therapeutic range.Academic Article Why?
Measuring quality of oral anticoagulation care: extending quality measurement to a new field.Academic Article Why?
Multi-center colonoscopy quality measurement utilizing natural language processing.Academic Article Why?
Quality improvement in neurology: Essential Tremor Quality Measurement Set.Academic Article Why?
Quality improvement in neurology: Parkinson disease update quality measurement set: Executive summary.Academic Article Why?
What We Aren''t Measuring Yet: Applying Quality Measurement More Broadly.Academic Article Why?
Maintaining quality assurance for sonographic nuchal translucency measurement: lessons from the FASTER Trial.Academic Article Why?
Mull, HillaryPerson Why?
Advancing the science of measurement in pediatric quality of care.Academic Article Why?
Quality of Life Measurement in General Thoracic SurgeryAcademic Article Why?
Quality of life measurement in the management of gastroesophageal reflux disease.Academic Article Why?
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